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Boolean Variable Type

Boolean Variable Type in Python

A Boolean variable is a variable that can hold one of two possible values: True or False. Boolean variables are often used in conditional statements and loops to control the flow of the program.

Bool Variable Declaration in Python

To declare a Boolean variable in Python, you simply assign the value True or False to a variable name. Here's an example:

x = True
y = False

You can also use Boolean operators such as and, or, and not to combine or negate Boolean values. For example:

a = True
b = False
print(a and b)  # False
print(a or b)   # True
print(not a)    # False

In this example, a and b evaluates to False because both a and b are not True. a or b evaluates to True because at least one of a and b is True. And not a evaluates to False because a is True and the not operator negates it.

Examples of Boolean Variable Usage

As we already mentioned, boolean variable is mainly used in the conditional and loop statements.

Conditional statements

# Declaring a boolean variable
is_raining = True

# Checking the value of the boolean variable using a conditional statement
if is_raining:
    print("Bring an umbrella")
    print("No need for an umbrella")

# Output: Bring an umbrella

Loop statements

# Declaring a boolean variable
has_items = True

# Looping while the boolean variable is True
while has_items:
    # Do something here...
    print("Processing an item...")
    # Ask the user if there are more items
    response = input("Are there more items to process? (y/n) ")
    # Update the boolean variable based on the user's response
    if response.lower() == "y":
        has_items = True
        has_items = False

# Output: 
# Processing an item...
# Are there more items to process? (y/n) y
# Processing an item...
# Are there more items to process? (y/n) n

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