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Python Developer
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Driving Jeeps and Building Rails

You can’t drive a train through a forest. A jeep with five people in it would be a different story. It would be fun and you could move pretty quickly over terrain that had not been thoroughly explored.

The Startup Analogy

What has this got to do with working as a software engineer? Well this is analogy helps us understand why starts up sometimes beat major players. They may not have the weight behind them but they can cover a lot of ground without much support and they can change direction quickly. Ultimately though when it comes time to scale you have to lay down some rails.

The SEEKR Team's Journey

The business that the SEEKR team are currently recruiting for was once a start-up in the energy business at a time when nobody thought it would be possible to be serious competition for the incumbents in this space. These days they run on rails and they are in the top 5 in the UK.

The Accelerator Unit

They don’t want to lose their speed of innovation though and so they have launched an accelerator unit within their business. Imagine four jeeps with 5 full stack software engineers in each running ahead of a much larger team laying train tracks and you start to get the picture.

Joining the Squad

  • Strong full-stack experience.
  • A can-do mentality.
  • Personality is key.
  • Performance-oriented mindset.


  • What does it pay? £45,000 - £65,000 for a mid and up to £80,000 for a senior engineer.
  • Can I work from home? Yes, the team is fully remote.
  • Can I drive the jeep? If the squad agrees.
  • Can I apply from outside the UK? No, UK only.
  • Could you sponsor me to move to the UK? No, starting with local talent.
  • How do I apply? Send an email with "Jeepers that sounds fun" in the title.

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