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Machine Learning Engineer, Computer Vision

Machine Learning Engineer, Computer Vision
Nexere Consulting Limited
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Machine Learning Engineer - Computer Vision - Python - C++ - 3D Vision - Image Processing - PhD

  • Explore and experiment with emerging technologies to continuously improve our AI-driven content reconstruction, creation and edition processes.
  • Review the state of the art computer vision research papers and develop prototype solutions.
  • Develop cutting-edge software and algorithms for computer vision, image processing and deep learning models
  • Have technical responsibility for one or more significant sections of the assigned project
  • Translate complex functional and technical requirements into detailed design

Required Skills

  • Masters or higher degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or related disciplines
  • Professional software development experience with C++ and Python
  • Experience developing with machine learning frameworks - Tensorflow/Pytorch
  • Expertise in image-based 3D reconstruction: Photogrammetry, Neural Radiance Fields (NERF) or Gaussian Splatting techniques.
  • Programming proficiency one or more of programming language and APIs like C++/Java/Python
  • Excellent communication, teamwork and a results-oriented attitude
  • Proficiency in problem-solving and debugging

Desired Skills

  • Experience in Generative AI, including hands-on implementation of state-of-the-art models.
  • Computational photography, image inpainting and 3-D vision
  • Model optimization and knowledge distillation.
  • Experience in computer graphics and rendering: design and development of software such as OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan or DirectX
  • Experience in Android application development

Machine Learning Engineer - Computer Vision - Python - C++ - 3D Vision - Image Processing - PhD

Expertise level

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